Musculoskeletal, Remedial and Exercise Therapy Course


Our Musculoskeletal, Remedial and Exercise Therapy course is a 2-year diploma course accredited by the Sports Therapy Association. You can choose to take the course as individual days (CPD for those already qualified), by 'Phase' or as a complete course. There are weekend and weekday dates so that you can work it around your current commitments. (Dates available here)


The course covers the complete patient/client journey from their first visit, taking a case history and conducting physical tests for strength, range of movement etc.. through to immediate treatment and long-term exercise planning using Soft Tissue Therapy, Sports Massage, Joint Mobilisation and Exercise therapy.


Please click on the pictures/links below for more details of each individual day

Phase 1: Introduction


This Phase can be purchased individually (Click on pictures/links), as a whole phase for £400 or you can purchase all 3 phases for £3499 (save £1000+)

Phase 1, Module 1: Case History and Introduction to Pain Science

Phase 1, Module 2: Tissue Healing and Therapeutic Interventions

Phase 3: Advanced Skills


This final phase can be purchased individually, as a whole phase for £1500 or you can purchase all 3 phases for £3499 (save £1000+)

Phase 3: Module 9: Neurological Testing for Manual Therapists

Phase 3, Module 10: Functional Movement Analysis

Phase 3, Module 11: Elite Therapy Education - Trackside Manual Therapy

Phase 3, Module 12: Kinesio Taping Course

Phase 3, Module 13: IASTM Movement Workshop

Phase 3: Module 14: Intro to Strength and Conditioning Workshop (including KBox)

Phase 3, Module 15: Sports First Aid

Phase 3, Module 16: Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques

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